Frequently asked questions

What do you do?
  • Identify native missionaries
  • Equip and support them to present portable gospel film presentations
  • Report back to our supporters
Why films?
  • Seeing in addition to hearing the gospel adds invaluable understanding
  • Many people in targeted areas cannot read or write
  • In targeted areas, films attract attention and viewership unlike westernized areas where people would avoid open air film showings
Why native missionaries?
  • Speak(s) the local language(s)
  • Know local customs and traditions
  • Travel without scrutiny
  • Familiar with local governmental policies
  • Statistically very effective compared to western evangelists and associated costs
What are the qualifications of native missionaries you partner with?
  • Currently established as a Christian evangelist / pastor
  • Extensively questioned and verified by Christian references
  • Personally visited by CSCFM directors
How much does it cost?
  • The average cost to setup and equip one film team is $1,000.00 USD
  • The target to support each film team is $100.00 USD per month
How effective is it?
  • The average cost of each person accepting Jesus as Savior is less than $2.00 USD
  • Each film team averages 10 people accepting Jesus every film showing
  • Each film team averages starting 9 new churches every year
How much of MY offering goes directly to the native missionaries?
  • 100% of YOUR offering goes directly to equipping and supporting missionaries
  • In the USA, all positions are voluntary. No positional salaries are paid.
  • 100% of Administrative expenses including occasional professional services and travel abroad by USA administrators are covered by designated gifts from local businesses in our home area.