What we do

Christians Sharing Christ Film Ministries, simply put, links Christians in the USA to Native Missionaries around the world. We receive support on behalf of Native Missionaries and oversee distribution of portable film equipment and offerings. Missionaries work with evangelical churches and organizations whose principal objective is to reach the unsaved for Christ and to plant new churches. Missionaries send statistical data, testimonies and photographs about their film showings and we compile this information to report to supporters for God’s glory.

Christians Sharing Christ Film Ministries is a non-profit organization committed to helping win the world to Jesus Christ. We believe that God has commissioned the local church in every part of the world to be the primary instrument for making disciples. CSCFM is a tool for local churches to be more successful at winning as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.

To accomplish this goal, we believe God has focused CSCFM on one ministry function — to provide portable film equipment for the presentation of the gospel message by native missionaries. The native missionaries travel to villages and towns regularly presenting the gospel through film showings. The missionaries work with any evangelical churches and organizations to win the lost and establish new fellowships.

CSCFM film teams are organized by countries and each country has a native missionary serving as country or continent director. The country director works with leadership from the USA in reviewing applications and confirmation of each team. To equip the film teams, CSCFM purchases equipment for each team based on the needs of the area at average cost of $1,000 USD. The equipment purchased allows the teams to be 100% portable.

An example of the types of equipment purchased includes:

  • Small portable generator or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Video projector or portable DVD player
  • Sound system
  • Films
  • Film screen (large white sheet)
  • Extension cords, carrying case
  • Bicycle
  • Digital camera

Then, CSCFM supports each team with a monthly offering averaging $100 USD. CSCFM’s offering is not all that is required to meet the needs of a full team but serves as a good starting point. This offering provides a significant amount of regular support and serves as a base offering allowing teams to fulfill their ministry. The CSCFM missionaries must trust God to meet needs that may exceed the monthly offering.

Finally, CSCFM equips film teams through training. Film teams and directors travel to meet each other for hands on training, encouragement and accountability. Training is received on how to record and send statistical data, testimonies and photographs about their film showings. CSCFM compiles this information to report to supporters for God’s glory.

How does it work?

A typical film presentation begins long before the film showing. Prayer, planning and preparation are required to be successful. The two most important things to determine are the location (town, city, village, etc.) and the person or organization responsible for follow-up.

The actual film presentation begins by gathering people to view the film. This can be accomplished several ways depending upon the geography and culture. One method is to go door to door in the area chosen to show the film and personally invite people to attend. Another interesting method is to begin singing and speaking through the sound equipment provided for showing the films. Many cultures love music and will leave their homes to hear better or just to see what is going on. Many people in the world have never had the opportunity to even see a film.

Films shown include the “Jesus” film, “Passion of the Christ”, “Escape from Hell” and others that are evangelical and culturally relevant. The choice of films to show is at the discretion of the film team and naturally depends on available translations of the language of the area where the film is being shown.

After the gospel film, an opportunity to accept Jesus as personal Savior is given to all in attendance. Records are kept and follow-up is performed by the sponsoring church, missionary or local Christian beginning a fellowship.