Frequently asked questions


What do you do?

  • Identify native missionaries
  • Equip and support them to present portable gospel film presentations
  • Report back to our supporters


Why films?

  • Seeing in addition to hearing the gospel adds invaluable understanding
  • Many people in targeted areas cannot read or write
  • In targeted areas, films attract attention and viewership unlike westernized areas where people would avoid open air film showings


Why native missionaries?

  • Speak(s) the local language(s)
  • Know local customs and traditions
  • Travel without scrutiny
  • Familiar with local governmental policies
  • Statistically very effective compared to western evangelists and associated costs


What are the qualifications of native missionaries you partner with?

  • Currently established as a Christian evangelist / pastor
  • Extensively questioned and verified by Christian references
  • Personally visited by CSCFM directors


How much does it cost?

  • The average cost to setup and equip one film team is $1,500.00 USD
  • The target to support each film team is $100.00 USD per month


How effective is it?

  • The average cost of each person accepting Jesus as Savior is $1.18 USD
  • Each film team averages 10 people accepting Jesus every film showing
  • Each film team averages starting 9 new churches every year


How much of MY offering goes directly to the native missionaries?

  • 100% of YOUR offering goes directly to equipping and supporting missionaries
  • In the USA, all positions are voluntary. No positional salaries are paid.
  • 100% of Administrative expenses including occasional professional services and travel abroad by USA administrators are covered by designated gifts from local businesses in our home area.

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Clean Water Project

The water in the most third world countries in urban areas is polluted by industrial waste and untreated sewage. This same waste leaks into streams and pollutes water in rivers and lakes that many in remote locations rely on as their only source of water.

Water sources in rural areas are even polluted with natural contaminations. The most recent concern is groundwater contamination containing arsenic found in the tube wells that many still rely on.

As a result, waterborne illnesses such as dysentery, typhoid, and cholera run rampant in these third world countries.

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Featured native missionary

FROM NEPAL: Update by Bro. Amar

Patrick, greetings from the land of Nepal. God is so gracious to the film ministry. Recently we had gone for film show to PALPA, six people took water baptism. God is moving through film ministry and outreach. Please, pray for my film ministry. It is becoming so effective for gospel as well as for Church… Read more »

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Our mission

Equipping, training and serving Native Missionaries to help the local church by presenting
the message of salvation using films to the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.