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CSCFM was founded in the fall of 1969 by a group of businessmen from North Carolina, USA. The original name of the organization was Christians Sharing Christ, named after an earlier series of unplanned revival type meetings which had become known by that same name. The ministry was founded under the specific idea of reaching the poor people of San Jose, Costa Rica, through a marketplace ministry under the direction of Brother Charles Moore, who worked as the General Director for twelve years. CSC collected support for the work and sent it directly for this mission work.

Brother Charles began the work in Costa Rica by renting a small dirt parking lot and then eventually renting the second floor of a building in the downtown marketplace. Evangelistic meetings were held during the day and followed by film presentations at night. People coming to the market from all over Costa Rica and surrounding countries had the opportunity to hear AND see God’s plan of Salvation presented. Further, a number of local Costa Ricans who had accepted Jesus were trained and became full-time native missionaries to their homeland country.

In the first two years of their ministry in Costa Rica, they saw more than 5,000 professions of faith. Subsequently they moved to San Salvador, El Salvador and began an identical work.

In 1979, Mr. Hector Slaughter was the next President and Administrator of CSC. By the conclusion  of Mr. Slaughters 20 year tenure, CSC grew to approximately 50 teams in 11 countries in Central and South America.

In 1999, Mr. Patrick Calhoun was chosen as President and the ministry continues today under his leadership and a board of directors located in Louisiana, USA.

Christians Sharing Christ Film Ministries has now been in existence for over 40 years and still maintains the basic premise of the founding of CSC — winning souls through supporting native missionaries.

CSCFM now supports missionaries and provides equipment on 4 continents, North (Central) America, South America, Asia and Africa. The work of CSCFM in the rural and market places of the world has been used of the Lord to see more than 2,000,000 professions of faith in Jesus Christ.

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Clean Water Project

The water in the most third world countries in urban areas is polluted by industrial waste and untreated sewage. This same waste leaks into streams and pollutes water in rivers and lakes that many in remote locations rely on as their only source of water.

Water sources in rural areas are even polluted with natural contaminations. The most recent concern is groundwater contamination containing arsenic found in the tube wells that many still rely on.

As a result, waterborne illnesses such as dysentery, typhoid, and cholera run rampant in these third world countries.

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Featured native missionary

FROM CAMBODIA: Update by Bro. Nivath (Cambodian Baptist Union)

This year, our two film teams have been blessed to see over 3,200 salvations for Jesus. As a direct result of these salvations, over 70 churches have been planted. For CBU, the number one tool that is most effective for reaching the lost and church planting is film evangelism. Our 5-year goal is to plant… Read more »

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Our mission

Equipping, training and serving Native Missionaries to help the local church by presenting
the message of salvation using films to the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.